5 reasonsto choose VA Glass Design

Reason 1

Decorative doorlites made entirely in Canada

Our 4 most popular doorlite collections are entirely manufactured at our Montreal plant.

From it’s original conception & design to the meticulous assembly by our many professionals and artisans, every step leading to a durable, superior quality and highly aesthetic product is reinforced by our desire to offer you the finest quality in decorative doorlites.

Reason 2

A wide variety of collections for all budgets

Simply choose from amongst our 5 collections offered, whatever your taste, preference or budget as VA Glass Design has the product that’s right for you.

The ‘’Decorative’’, ‘’Absolute’’, ‘’Imagine’’ and ‘’Expression’’ collections are all manufactured entirely in Canada (Montreal) while the 4 models of our ‘’Welded’’ collection are imported from overseas.

Reason 3

Customize your doorlite with an impressive choice of options

Recognized as a leader in innovation and design of decorative doorlites, VA Glass Design offers a vast array of choices and options in helping one harmonize it’s doorlite with their home or environment.

Suffice to mention, choice of many colours of non-welded anodized aluminium camings, infinite types of textured glass options (many of which are exclusive), multiple frames in pvc or aluminium for all styles and needs as well as an anti-intrusion option.

VA Glass will help you make your entrance doorlite an element of your home you will be proud of for many years.

Reason 4

Superior lifetime warranty without any hastle

We are so confident in the quality of our products and home made collections (Decorative, Absolute, Imagine and Expression) that we offer a lifetime warranty on thermal breakage, vibration, discoloration and oxidization.

This warranty is complete(100%) and worry free – a simple proof of purchase from your dealer and we will change your unit without a problem.

Reason 5

Energy Star certification

We have standardized the use of Low-e glass and argon gas to more effectively respond to Energy Star requirements and ensure top performance in energy efficiency.

Most of our doorlites qualify for no. 1, 2 and 3 Energy Star zones.

Furthermore, we are one of the only manufacturers to use tempered & triple glass in all it’s decorative doorlites (except in the Expression Collection – thermo textured series which is offered in double glazed & tempered. However, the triple glazed & tempered option is also available in that series).

Another advantage in choosing VA Glass Design!