Jean-Claude Poitras

Since 1972, Jean-Claude Poitras, has been creating remarkable work. Leader in Canadian fashion, a true ambassador recognized worldwide, he presented his collections on the largest international catwalks, which earned him international recognition, from the Modadel Amo awards in California to the Monte Carlo Fil d’Or, from the ARC Award in Toronto to the Montreal Griffe D’Or. He was also awarded the Ordre National du Quebec and the Order of Canada.

Martin Lim

MARTIN LIM is the fusion of two cultures, two worlds, but mainly the merger of two designers who proved themselves on the international level, they are Danielle MARTIN & Pao LIM. Besides winning prestigious national and international awards, Martin and Lim are devoted designers who gained valuable experience while working with internationally renowned designers. Since 2010, they launched their label and since then, fashion medias keep appreciating their work. MARTIN LIM is specialized in woman urban collection and offer a made-to-measure creation service.

Studio Vitre-Art

VA Glass design’s studio is composed of passionate employees who care about design and beauty. They express their creativity through different styles that will surely help you differentiate yourself. Technicians, creators, seasoned sales reps and managers, all work towards offering you an aesthetic looking decorative glass that is also affordable. Trust the knowledge and knowhow of people who create local designs and models for every taste and needs.