From its very beginnings, VA Glass Design has built products that pushed and challenged the boundaries of our industry. For more than 25 years, we’ve been thinking differently, taking a position of leadership that has seen us set the trends and create new products in the styles of today and of tomorrow. With our new Absolute Collection, we put the purity and nobility of glass in its rightful place of prominence. The diversity of our designs ensures that we can readily meet your actual needs. We produce doorlites that fit all budgets while presenting the greatest quality and breathtaking beauty. They’re also durable and secure, and designed and manufactured entirely in Montreal by our skilled staff of more than 125 professionals and artisans. Quality doorlites, the essence of your home, is an expression of your personal character…and good taste. It is also a symbol of warmth and welcome for your guests, but above all, a quality doorlite represents added value to your residence– a true reflection of who you really are. Thank you for putting your trust in our quality, homemade products. Nicolas Barazin President, VA Glass Design